A Poet's Prologue

Musings and memories

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his mouth tastes of mint and meticulous measurements;
constantly configuring the most appropriate way to drag
his fingertips down the sides of my stomach for the desired
he counts every step from the foot of the bed to my lips.
i watch his hands hesitate to touch my face, waiting for
reassurance that 59 paces will give him the same comfort as 66.
his mind amazes me; watching his eyes strain as his
mouth struggles to remember what it is like to breathe.
i feel myself checking the locks and rattling the keys,
adopting his compulsions because i’m the first one
to smooth over his anxieties instead of just fucking and fleeing.

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our bodies mimic the way the moon falls
over the street; gently casting shadows
against a stranger’s window pane, this is
how i fell in love with the evening breeze.
i smell you in spring rain; cold and awakening,
you fall apart on my skin with no hesitation.
i’ve never held a rhythm, but i want to taste
the vibration of your melodies on my tongue.
naked and exposed, caress the last four
chords on my thighs until i have memorized
your favorite song.

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my eyes have become anchors
under the weight of the summer sun.
my skin holds on to warmth like shame;
flushed and full, exposing angles they
warn you to only appreciate when the
drapes are drawn and the sky is heavy
with smog and suffocated stars.
we were never saints, licking my lips
in anticipation of spilling sins on the
inside of your cheeks - it’s going to
take more than the second coming
to make me fall to me knees unwillingly.

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Anonymous asked: Are you going to see Brand New in Pittsburgh as well? They're finally coming to town!

I want to, but sadly I’m not sure I will get to :/

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Anonymous asked: your poetry is so amazing! i love your blog ☺☺

Well thank you so much :) you’ve made my day

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Anonymous asked: Have you done any poem requests recently?

I have but not for a few days!